I am a 31-year-old Linux system administrator with a deep interest in technology and sports. As a child, I was fascinated by computers and spent countless hours exploring various operating systems and learning about how they functioned. I pursued a degree in Computer Science to further his knowledge, graduating with honors.

Despite my love for technology, I was also passionate about sports, particularly basketball and football. I played these sports during my free time, even joining my college’s intramural basketball team.

After completing my studies, I landed a job as a Linux system administrator at a tech company. My skills quickly made me an asset to the company, and I was promoted to a senior position. I still found ways to incorporate my passion for sports into my work, by managing servers and systems for sports-related websites and apps.

Outside of work, I remain active in the sports community, participating in local basketball and football leagues, and attending games in person or watching them on TV. Despite my busy schedule, I always make time for my loved ones, who have been a constant source of support and encouragement throughout my life.