A powerful and simple VPN protocol

WireGuard VPN Introduction Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become essential tools for ensuring online privacy and security. A good VPN must be both secure and fast, while also being easy to set up and use. WireGuard is a relatively new VPN protocol that is gaining popularity because it meets all these criteria. What is WireGuard? WireGuard is an open-source VPN protocol designed for ease of use and high performance. It was created by Jason Donenfeld in 2016 and is now included in the Linux kernel. [Read More]

Labeled IPsec with LibreSwan

Enhance the security with labeled IPsec

Introduction Libreswan is an open-source implementation of the Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) protocol. IPsec is a widely used technology for securing communication over the internet. Labeled IPsec is an extension of IPsec that provides mandatory access control (MAC) to IPsec packets based on the security labels. In this article, we will discuss how labeled IPsec can be implemented with Libreswan. Implement labeled IPsec To implement labeled IPsec with Libreswan, we need to use the Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) policy. [Read More]