Containers and SELinux

Secure your Containers with SELinux

Introduction Linux containers provide a lightweight and efficient way to run multiple isolated environments on a single host. While containers offer many benefits, such as improved resource utilization and faster application deployment, there are also security concerns that must be considered. One security implementation that can be used with containers is SELinux. In this article, we will explore some of the security features of SELinux and how they can be used to secure Linux containers. [Read More]


Containers and User Namespace

Introduction Podman is an alternative to Docker, providing a similar interface. Podman allows users to create and manage containers on a Linux system. One of the challenges with containerization is the need to run containers as the root user, which can pose a security risk. One solution to this problem is to use user namespaces with Podman. In this article, we will explore what user namespaces are, how they can be used with Podman, and how to run a container as root inside the container while being non-root outside the container. [Read More]